The Coin Biz Builder Affiliate Program

Lifetime Commissions = Lifetime Income

As if paying hands free income every hour wasn't enough, you can also create life changing income with our industry leading affiliate program!

Coin Biz Builder will pay you up to 10% for each new deposit that you refer to us!

It's absolutely amazing how easy it is to build a LIFETIME income using our 2 Tier Affiliate Program!

How Does It Work?

Inside of your member's area, we provide you with a unique affiliate link. Every person who uses your unique affiliate link to sign up with us will become your referral for life.

Whenever your referral makes a deposit, you will receive an 8% commission on the total deposit.

It doesn't matter when that referral makes their deposit: YOU GET PAID 8% OF EVERY SINGLE DEPOSIT THEY MAKE FOR LIFE!


If your new referral does the same thing and refer's a new person to Coin Biz Builder using their own affiliate link then you will get paid 2% of that person's future deposits as well....FOR LIFE!

You earn referral commissions on 2 levels!

We've made it super simple to build an absolutely massive team of people that make you money whenever they deposit.

Affiliate Commission Table

1st Level 8%
2nd Level 2%